The Lodge is about to start a new Century of Freemasonry

The University Lodge of Liverpool has celebrated 100 continuous years of providing Fellowship, Brotherhood and Charity in the City of Liverpool and has numbered many distinguished men of the City amongst its number in that time.

The next 100 years starts with numbers of members rising while the average age is dropping as we admit more students, particularly welcoming those whose home address is not local but who are here for their academic studies. Having access to an organisation of like-minded people helps those who are new to Liverpool to receive fellowship and support…. as well as a network that will last them their whole lives if they so wish. Not to mention the chance for social gatherings both after our meetings and hopefully throughout the time they are here, as the Lodge is going to support and encourage events where there is no direct Masonic business but instead presents the opportunity to make friends.

Watch this space for details of the “Light Blue” Club that is in planning for every young Mason in any of the Lodges here in the City or who lives close enough and would like to attend.

In these web pages you will see repeated entries concerning our charitable activity but also what Freemasons across England and Wales do – the link Home page – The Masonic Charitable Foundation ( is well worth looking at, especially if you feel we can help your organisation and you can become one of those who can do good with some of the £40million that Freemasons distribute to worthy causes each year.

What will the Internet look like in 100 years for anyone following what Freemasons do? Absolutely no idea. BUT – there is a very good chance that whatever there is in 100 years a Freemason somewhere will have helped to build it.