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Countering Discrimination and Ignorance

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year

The Worshipful Master, his Wardens and all the members wish everyone the seasons` greetings and all the best for a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year.    We especially send our greetings to the students of all the Universities in our area – Liverpool; LJMU; Hope and Edge Hill who are sitting exams and submitting their work towards their Graduation in 2018.

Onward with a new Year and our new Master

The University Lodge of Liverpool last night installed its new Master for the next year – according to a Masonic tradition that has lasted virtually unchanged for 300 years.   It brings us a step closer to our own Centenary in 2021 but a bit closer in time, we will be initiating at least three new members next month – again according to a long-standing tradition.      The Members all wished Paul a very happy year in Office and we were delighted to have been joined by visiting Brethren from across the north-west as well as the Right Worshipful Master and other Scottish Masons who had travelled from Mother Kilwinning Lodge in the Grand Lodge of Scotland to bring their own fraternal greetings.


The Lodge is about to install a new Master …

The University Lodge of Liverpool has elected Paul Williams who is the present Senior Warden as its next Master to be installed by the present Master, his son Ashley, on 13th November 2017.   This is a very unusual event as fathers often install their sons!

The Members wish Paul a very happy year in office and will be there in force to see him take the Chair.

LJMU Freshers` Fair 27th September 2017

The Lodge again joined with the Organisation of Women Freemasons to bring a joint stand to the Freshers` Fair in Liverpool.   A large number of the students took the opportunity of our presence to ask questions and find out more about our charitable work and the support and fellowship we give to students who are possibly living away from home for the first time.  We also took the opportunity to dispel many misconceptions about Freemasonry and what it stands for and just by being there have shown we are not a “Secret Society” and certainly not bent on world domination!!

LJMU Freshers 27th Sept 17

We were there……

University Lodge Liverpool were joined by the Order of Women Freemasons at the Liverpool University Welcome Fair at the Guild of Students today – 21st September.

If you expressed your interest then we will be in touch shortly and we hope that everyone there enjoyed a very interesting day – we certainly did – and we will see LJMU at their Freshers Fair next week…….






The Lodge at Freshers Fairs 2017

The University Lodge of Liverpool will be at the Welcome Fair for Liverpool University students at The Liverpool Guild of Students, 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool on Thursday 21st September.

We are also going to be at the Liverpool John Moores University Freshers Fair on Kings Dock on Wednesday 27th September.

On both occasions we would be delighted to welcome any enquiries about our charitable work, the fellowship we can offer and give some indication what Freemasonry is all about.   We will be joined at both venues by the Organisation of Women Freemasons.  Their Order is the oldest and largest Masonic organisation for women in this country and works on the lines of regular male Freemasonry.

Spending time at University is one of the most rewarding occasions in life but when you are away from home, as many students are, then Freemasonry can help to provide a way to make new friendships that support you through not only your time here but hopefully for a lifetime.

Coming to study at Liverpool this year???

The University Lodge of Liverpool welcomes all of the new students or staff coming to Liverpool University; Liverpool John Moores; Hope or Edge Hill in 2017 and offers the chance to join a fraternal society which has existed for 300 years.  It is something a bit different and well-regarded for its charitable work as well as its support for the students who are on their first degrees or taking higher degree qualifications or new members of the professional staff who are settling in the area.

Freemasonry in our Lodge is open to men over the age of 18yrs who have a belief in a Supreme Being (Freemasonry does not limit itself to any faith so long as the person can say they believe in a Supreme Being)  but there is a masonic organisation that is for women too – and we would be delighted to put anyone interested in touch with them if they wish.


The Masonic season ends for the summer break

The University Lodge of Liverpool holds its last meeting before we take our summer break on 10th April.  The Lodge fully recognises the exam timetable of our Universities and that our student members are fully committed to revision and cramming (LOL) for the end of their year studies.    We will meet again in October when hopefully we will have had the opportunity to introduce Freemasonry to all interested Freshers and that some will want to join us.     While Freemasonry in this Lodge is directed to men, there are Freemasons Lodges equally directed towards female students and we would be delighted to try and make the necessary introductions to that organisation wherever possible.

Liverpool claim the DKW Cup

On Saturday 28th January the DKW Cup was brought to Liverpool by a contingent who visited The University Lodge of Chester , the holders at that time.   The DKW Cup is named after David Kenneth Williamson who was the former President of the Universities` Scheme of the United Grand Lodge of England and is handed on when Brethren from one University Lodge visit another.    The photograph shows several of the Liverpool Brethren who went to Chester and the Cup being handed on to one of our youngest members by an Assistant Provincial Grand Master from the Cheshire Province and the Worshipful Master from The University Lodge of Chester .

…and lose it in March to the Aurora Lodge – the Universities` Scheme Lodge in Leeds


At our meeting on Monday 13th March eight visiting Brethren from the Aurora Lodge No.4047 in Leeds claimed the DKW Cup to take it over the Pennines and continue its` journey promoting harmony and fellowship amongst University Scheme Lodges across England and Wales.   Pictured above the Worshipful Master of the University Lodge of Liverpool (r) hands the Cup across to the Master of Aurora Lodge at the end of dinner.



The Cup makes its way around the table – seen here – with a Brother drinking from it while other Brethren stand ready to receive it in turn and once having drunk turn outwards to guard the drinkers` back while he is engaged with the Cup.