About Freemasonry

Freemasonry (or just “Masonry”) is a society of men organised in groups known as “Lodges” (and before you ask! – yes there are Freemasonry Lodges for women too but as we are talking about our University Lodge here in Liverpool we will just keep it to men).

We are often referred to as a Secret Society but as you have freely entered our website and can see much of what we are about then perhaps we should just say that wherever you go in England and much of the rest of the world you will see buildings emblazoned with our symbolic Square & Compasses.  You can find books on sale in many newsagents or online, you can buy Masonic jewellery just about anywhere and we have websites where we explain to the World what we are about – just look at  http://www.ugle.org.uk/  to see what we mean.    So much for “Secret”!

The best way many Masons describe Secrecy is that what goes on inside a Lodge during our meetings is private.  The real secret of Masonry has to be experienced, not explained, and that is why just researching it will never give you a true insight.

Masonry is a complex thing to try and define – but it is a system of morality and ethics as well as a philosophy and based on symbolism using the tolols and knowledge of the masons who built the great castles, churches and grand structures of old.   We are not a religion but our symbolism does require members to have a belief in a Supreme Being, in whatever form and by whatever name they consider that Being to be.

We encourage members to value learning – what better foundation for a University Lodge? -and we encourage Masons to think but not what to think.  We prize tolerance, respect, fraternity and most of all Charity & Benevolence.

University Lodge of Liverpool No. 4274