New Master – New Century

Well…..we did it! Wayne has been Installed as the first Master of the Lodge in our new Century. Regrettably due to the Pandemic we cannot say that we have held 100 years of meetings without a break but since we have now passed 100 years since our very first meeting we will stretch the point!

Well over 40 Brothers attended our Installation which was conducted in exceptional fashion by those who played an active part and Wayne was agreed by everyone to have been well and truly placed in the Chair of King Solomon before we took ourselves up to the Dining Room for a really delightful meal accompanied by sufficient wine and Port to make the evening most memorable.

So where from here? We have several new Candidates who will be with us in December to be Initiated into the Lodge and following our New Year break (we do try to fit into the Academic Terms!) we will have probably six Brothers to put through ceremonies to complete their passage to become a Master Mason as well hopefully bring forward others and Initiate more new members of the Craft.