Liverpool University Welcome Fair

The Lodge were delighted to have a stand at the Freshers event on 20th September in the Guild building and met many students from various parts of the world and across the UK to explain what Freemasonry was about and dispel the myths and misunderstandings.  Over 50 students left their details and we will be inviting them to meet with us one evening in a few weeks time where we can go into more detail and where anyone interested can take forward membership if they wish to do so.

We were also joined on the stand by the Organisation of Women Freemasons (OWF) who were able to demonstrate with us that Freemasonry as a value-system exists for everyone and they too were able to note many expressions of interest from amongst the female students who attended.

It was noticeable that interest from the International students was particularly strong and we were able to explain that Freemasonry acknowledges no boundaries other than a shared belief in a supreme being – under whatever name or designation is acceptable to the individual.

We will be in attendance with the OWF at the Liverpool John Moores` University Freshers event at the Echo Arena on 26th September and chat to everyone who wants to know more about 300 years of fraternity and charity.

To the incoming students of Hope and Edge Hill Universities – we are sorry that we cannot manage to get to your events but sincerely hope that if you do have an interest in Freemasonry you contact us through this website and we promise to always respond.