2020 starts with a full programme- 6 more new members joining and an extra meeting needed on 15th February

University Lodge Liverpool has opened the new year with 6 new members to be initiated at the beginning of February – making 11 so far this year – and success brings its problems in scheduling progression for everyone who needs it so we will be having an extra day-time meeting on Saturday 15th February .

The Worshipful Master and his team of Officers are working extra hard this season as well as planning for our Centenary which is provisionally scheduled for 1st November 2021.    2020 brings back some of the issues faced when the Lodge was first formed and members came forward in similar numbers in the 1920`s.   The 1980s were probably the lowest point in memory when Freemasonry was under attack from narrow-mindedness on one hand and ignorance on the other however our principles of benevolence and fraternity kept us going until we could enjoy the upturn and our Centenary was assured.