We are still here for new students in 2020 …..

What a time we are having! …. Universities will soon be deciding on admissions and students will either be taking their first term online or here in Liverpool. It does seem that all of the Universities we cover (Liverpool / John Moores / Hope and Edge Hill) will not be starting with Freshers or Welcome meetings and neither will most students attend here in person in October. That does not mean the University Lodge of Liverpool will not be here when needed.

We will still be taking expressions of interest in Masonry and what we stand for from any male students who are starting or continuing their degree studies in this area. Once social distancing is no longer a problem we will arrange a meet-up and can answer queries and questions and get to know you as well as giving you the chance to know who we are.

Freemasonry, although conducted separately for both men and women, has Fellowship and Charity at its heart and does require a belief in a Supreme Being – in whatever form you believe in. It is not a religion but offers its members a guide for living life. Should it interest you then women students can look for more information on https://www.owf.org.uk/join-us/i-want-to-join/ and men who are interested in joining us should look at https://www.ugle.org.uk/becoming-a-freemason/universities-scheme where details of what we offer to students in particular can be found.

We wish everyone who would like to undertake higher education this year all the best for whatever selection process you will go through to get there.