What an end to the season….

University Lodge Liverpool saw the end of the season with a great meeting to send our student memnbers off into Exam-time (sorry for the reminder!).   48 Brethren witnessed 8 of their colleagues taking their second degrees and followed it up with a very entertaining Festive Board, lots of laughs and great fellowship.     It was the only chance some of our out-of-town members have had to sample the local delicacy – Scouse.   It would have been remiss of us to have let them spend at least a year here and miss out on it.

The origins of Scouse as a dish are not very clear.  Some believe it is named after a Scandinavian stew but it also certainly owes part of its origin to Irish Stew – not surprising for such a seaport with so many long-standing connections across the globe.

The meeting was of course our last until October however that does not mean all Freemasonry activity stops.  We will be organising our stands at Freshers Fairs, working to plan our Centenary in 2 years time and meeting people who are interested in joining  the fraternity to explain more of what we are about.


Our newest Initiates – helping to secure the future of the Craft and charity

The University Lodge of Liverpool were proud to admit five new members from amongst the student body of our local Universities on 11th March.   Most of the Universities  within the City area were represented here but we are of course open to graduates or students as well as senior or academic staff of any University who are able to make our evening meetings in the city centre.


The business meeting is always followed by a delightful 3-course meal in the LMI dining room which gives the members and visitors a chance to enjoy each others` company as well as make whatever consideration they feel able to make towards charity.


The start of a new Masonic Year at the University Lodge Liverpool

The Lodge installed its new Worshipful Master on Monday 12th November with our long-established ceremony and a very convivial Festive Board afterwards.


The Lodge has a pending list for membership which shows how well University Freemasonry is able to connect with young men who are students in order to provide friendship and support while they are away from home as well as a network for the future.   The new Master, elected annually from amongst the membership, has expressed his wish to promote social and fellowship aspects of the Lodge in his year of office to support the charities and this has been enthusiastically welcomed by  members.

Meeting prospective candidates

Following from our stands at the LJMU and LU Freshers` events we have hosted an information evening where all of the interested students were invited to learn more and take forward their applications should they so desire.   Over 70 Post and Under-graduates took time to speak to our members at the events and several attended the information session along with a good number of our younger members and some of our older Brethren.

The Lodge received several firm requests for membership at the event and we hope to be able to bring forward more than a dozen new members over the next few months.

We were also at John Moores` Freshers

Members of the Lodge had their stand at the Echo Arena on 26th September, again accompanied by the Organisation of Women Freemasons, to provide information and advice on our charitable work as well as explain what we are and what we do to any interested student.


Membership of the oldest Fraternal Society in England is something that can bring fellowship to any students who might be away from home for the first time and is something that they can carry on for the rest of their lives.

If you did not get the chance to speak to us on either of the days – or are a student at one of the other Universities in the area which we were unable to visit and are interested, then please email us using the “Contact” section of this website.


Liverpool University Welcome Fair

The Lodge were delighted to have a stand at the Freshers event on 20th September in the Guild building and met many students from various parts of the world and across the UK to explain what Freemasonry was about and dispel the myths and misunderstandings.  Over 50 students left their details and we will be inviting them to meet with us one evening in a few weeks time where we can go into more detail and where anyone interested can take forward membership if they wish to do so.

We were also joined on the stand by the Organisation of Women Freemasons (OWF) who were able to demonstrate with us that Freemasonry as a value-system exists for everyone and they too were able to note many expressions of interest from amongst the female students who attended.

It was noticeable that interest from the International students was particularly strong and we were able to explain that Freemasonry acknowledges no boundaries other than a shared belief in a supreme being – under whatever name or designation is acceptable to the individual.

We will be in attendance with the OWF at the Liverpool John Moores` University Freshers event at the Echo Arena on 26th September and chat to everyone who wants to know more about 300 years of fraternity and charity.

To the incoming students of Hope and Edge Hill Universities – we are sorry that we cannot manage to get to your events but sincerely hope that if you do have an interest in Freemasonry you contact us through this website and we promise to always respond.