2020 starts with a full programme- 6 more new members joining and an extra meeting needed on 15th February

University Lodge Liverpool has opened the new year with 6 new members to be initiated at the beginning of February – making 11 so far this year – and success brings its problems in scheduling progression for everyone who needs it so we will be having an extra day-time meeting on Saturday 15th February .

The Worshipful Master and his team of Officers are working extra hard this season as well as planning for our Centenary which is provisionally scheduled for 1st November 2021.    2020 brings back some of the issues faced when the Lodge was first formed and members came forward in similar numbers in the 1920`s.   The 1980s were probably the lowest point in memory when Freemasonry was under attack from narrow-mindedness on one hand and ignorance on the other however our principles of benevolence and fraternity kept us going until we could enjoy the upturn and our Centenary was assured.


Five morew new Masons join us to see out 2019

On 9th December the Lodge welcomed five more new Masons to the Fraternity as we celebrated the start of the festive season.  The meeting saw one of our members assist his father to join while the remaining four initiates were from the student body of both City Centre universities.    We hope to bring in at least another five new members at our February meeting – which has had to be brought forward by one week because of availability of the venue we use.     Indeed our success in attracting new members means that we are looking to have an additional meeting at the end of February – on a Saturday morning!   Watch this space for details……

Also – a message to students at Hope and Edge Hill …  we do find it difficult to engage directly with you at Freshers Fairs but would still welcome enquiries from men who are students or staff at either establishment.   Female staff and students from any University who might also wish to find out more are also welcome to email us through this site and we will pass your details over to one of the female masonic organisations who also have lodges locally.

New Worshipful Master Installed

Monday 11th November saw the Lodge install its new Worshipful Master Kris for the forthcoming year. Each year every Lodge chooses one from amongst its number to lead the membership forward for the next 12 months. It is a very special occasion – and for many of the Brethren it is on a par with their own Initiation, an occasion that is never forgotten and which hold great significance for them.

It is particularly significant in the University Lodge Liverpool as it is the occasion for members to re-affirm their academic status by wearing the gowns and hoods appropriate to the degrees we hold. This year was also significant in that it coincided with Remembrance Day which was marked by those with Armed Forces service also.

This is the start of our penultimate Masonic year before we celebrate our Centenary in November 2021

Celebrating 60yrs in Freemasonry

On 14th October we celebrated 60yrs of continuous membership of the Lodge on the part of two of our Brethren.   John and Geoff are pictured here before the meeting started in company with John James, the Garston Group Chairman, who presented both celebrants with a scroll commemorating their achievement.  We then proceeded to confer the Master Masons degree on four of our younger members – making it an evening of celebration covering both ends of the masonic pathway!

Our caters served up an excellent meal and 40 members and visitors finished the evening with good fellowship and an opportunity to honour Masonic and other charities.

Freemasons look to charitable support for those suffering mental health issues

The Masonic CHaritable Foundation is highlighting the work done in supporting those with mental health issues including 125 grants totalling more than £2.8Million in the last 3 years – you can read more here …http://masoniccharitablefoundation.cmail19.com/t/ViewEmail/t/9BCC0BB85A42326C2540EF23F30FEDED/65D1C7B549EF6EC373767151F2435ACA

If you feel that you would like to support the MCF with a donation you can visit our facebook page at




Keeping abreast of what is happening….

The University Lodge of Liverpool enjoyed an excellent evening at the October meeting with 4 of our Brethren gaining their 3rd degrees and becoming “Master Masons”.  At the other ens of the time spectrum we also celebrated 60yrs in continuous Freemasonry for two of our senior members who gave us a very humorous and informative retrospect of their time in the Lodge at our Festive Board afterwards.

We were however very sorry to not have been able to share Freemasonry with the students at the Liverpool University Guild welcome event this year so to those readers who are interested, please make contact through this website and we can hopefully resolve the situation directly.    We have a number of others who have expressed interest over the summer and at the JMU Freshers` Fair – and we will be arranging an evening get-together in the next few weeks where we can get to know each other and you can find out more about the fellowship we offer and the charitable side of the organisation.

Our next meeting is in November when we will be installing our new Master and then running straight into our Centenary year in 2021.  We are proud to have been an organisation that has supported academia in the City for a Century as well as actively involved in 100yrs of charity and fellowship.  

Freshers Fairs 2019

I am sorry to say that it appears the University Lodge of Liverpool will not be able to meet you all at the Liverpoool University Welcome Fair this year as our request for a stand has been refused.   If you are a Liverpool University student and have any interest in finding out what we are and what we do then the best place to start is on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UniversityFreemasonryLodgeofLiverpool/ and message us there.   In previous years we have organised an open evening and will be able to keep everyone advised of the date on email.

John Moores` students will still be able to talk to us directly as we will be at their Fair on the waterfront on 25th September.   We hope to also be joined by a representative from the Organisation of Women Freemasons as in previous years.

What an end to the season….

University Lodge Liverpool saw the end of the season with a great meeting to send our student memnbers off into Exam-time (sorry for the reminder!).   48 Brethren witnessed 8 of their colleagues taking their second degrees and followed it up with a very entertaining Festive Board, lots of laughs and great fellowship.     It was the only chance some of our out-of-town members have had to sample the local delicacy – Scouse.   It would have been remiss of us to have let them spend at least a year here and miss out on it.

The origins of Scouse as a dish are not very clear.  Some believe it is named after a Scandinavian stew but it also certainly owes part of its origin to Irish Stew – not surprising for such a seaport with so many long-standing connections across the globe.

The meeting was of course our last until October however that does not mean all Freemasonry activity stops.  We will be organising our stands at Freshers Fairs, working to plan our Centenary in 2 years time and meeting people who are interested in joining  the fraternity to explain more of what we are about.


Our newest Initiates – helping to secure the future of the Craft and charity

The University Lodge of Liverpool were proud to admit five new members from amongst the student body of our local Universities on 11th March.   Most of the Universities  within the City area were represented here but we are of course open to graduates or students as well as senior or academic staff of any University who are able to make our evening meetings in the city centre.


The business meeting is always followed by a delightful 3-course meal in the LMI dining room which gives the members and visitors a chance to enjoy each others` company as well as make whatever consideration they feel able to make towards charity.